A suspenseful novel filled with unbridled passions, jealousy, incest, murder, witchcraft and dark superstitions. Roots of Indifference is interwoven with the story of a prestigious family during the early 1900s, struggling with racial intolerance as they try to carve a place for themselves in a hostile land during the Mexican Revolution, World War 1, and The Great Depression. This fascinating novel brings to light the horrendous injustices inflicted upon the Mexican-Americans, who suffered cruel indignities and discrimination. It is a story that needs to be told about the turbulent times during those dark years of indifferencebuybutton



Exclusive book on Kindle “Growing Vegetables Successfully With Your Children” – by Terri Ragsdale
From international best selling  author

-Terri Ragsdale

Do you have small children and want to teach them about nutritional foods and vegetables and how to plant them??? Check these small children’s book that shows and teaches you and children the importance of planting and eating fresh garden vegetables. It gives examples of different ways of planting that would appeal to the younger generation. This is an excellent book that shows how to grow vegetable for those who live in small spaces; apartments, condos and limited areas using your spaces wisely. Growing Vegetables is easy, fun and above all…healthy!  It shows beautiful colored illustrations and images that the children will enjoy.


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